Coverage Plan

Protect yourself from hefty Covid-19 out-of-pocket expenses. Guaranteed CASH ALLOWANCE up to RM1,500 once you are tested COVID positive.

For Malaysian citizens only.

Age next birthday from 16 to 55 years old.

What Are The Plan Benefits?
"For full details on exclusions, terms and conditions, please refer product brochure below"

Choose Your Premium Plans
Plan 1000
RM88.00 /annual

Hospital Allowance

RM 1,000.00

Covid-19 Quarantine Allowance

RM 500.00

Funeral Expenses

RM 5,000.00

Plan 2000
RM155.00 /annual

Hospital Allowance

RM 2,000.00

Covid-19 Quarantine Allowance

RM 1,000.00

Funeral Expenses

RM 5,000.00

Plan 3000
RM218.00 /annual

Hospital Allowance

RM 3,000.00

Covid-19 Quarantine Allowance

RM 1,500.00

Funeral Expenses

RM 5,000.00

  • One policy coverage per customer.
  • Coverage is subject to successful payment and issuance of policy.
  • Hospital Allowance and Covid-19 Quarantine allowance are mutually exclusive.
Please refer to the policy contract for more information on the benefits provided.
• This plan is underwritten by
Tokio Marine Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad.

Popular Questions About Covid-19 Coverage Plan

What is Respiratory Disease?

A type of disease that affects the organs of Lungs and Trachea and shall exclude conditions affecting the organs related to Nose, Pharynx and Larynx.

Is there a waiting period under this plan before I can make a claim?

Standard waiting period of 14 days for all admission; waiting period of 90 days for pre-existing respiratory disease condition.

Is medical check-up / examination required before purchase?

Not required, it’s guaranteed acceptance for Malaysian as long as insured is between 16 to 55 years old.

Does the policy cover hospital bill?

No. This policy pays a lump sum benefit amount based on the plan you bought.

Am I allow to buy more than 1 plan?

No, only 1 policy per insured person.

Can I cancel / surrender my policy and get a refund?

Yes, you will be entitled for a refund based on the schedule of cancellation.

Would I be able to change the plan type after purchased? (eg. From Plan 1000 to Plan 3000)

No, change of plan can be make during renewal.

When do I need to submit my claim?

Within 30 days from the date of diagnosis.

Am I covered if I have admitted to hospital due to respiratory disease for 2 occasions in one year?

You are only covered for one time claim per policy year (excluding Funeral Expenses). However, Funeral Expenses is claimable after claimed for hospital confinement within the same policy year.

How long to process a claim

10 working days, however for the claim below RM5,000 and not required further investigation claim will be process within 5 working days.

Can I claim for both hospital allowance benefit and Covid-19 diagnosis without hospitalization?

You can claim both Hospital Allowance benefit, after claim on Covid-19 diagnosis. However, these two are mutually exclusive. Hence, we will only pay the balance of Hospital Allowance benefit less the Covid-19 payout.